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getting ready the trip out on the way ready for the off Steve waiting for bite Chris taking it easy
Dan and Steve waiting Chris with Undulate ray Chris & Undulate Undulate putting bend in my rod still playing it getting closer
here he comes Rob doing good job with the net a nice Undulate for me me with small tope me with Tope Steve with a Doggie
Dan playing Undulate still going still fighting getting closer there it is last pull
Dan's Undulate Dan & Undulate Dan & Undulate nice fish getting heavier must put it down soon
Rob landing small Undulate for Chris Chris with Undulate Me with Garfish slippery fish me helping Caz with nice Undulate Caz with Undulate
nice fish for her first trip Thornback for me me and Thornback Rob taking us home nice calm sea
getting there all relaxed group with cod Dan cod 10-4-0 Mick with cod Chris with cod
some of the catch first drops john and Rob still dropping down Chris playing fish the trip back
Mick with cod George with Bass Mick & Cod Tom with strap conger my conger coming in wrestling a conger
Me with 35-0-0 conger same conger